Online Portal Application

Welcome to the Online Portal applications. Here you may choose to select a portal that you want to use.

Code Enforcement Complaints

The Code Enforcement Complaints portal allows you to submit online service requests for Code violations and look up existing service requests. To submit a complaint, you are required to provide a property address. If you do not know the address of the property, please contact Code Enforcement during normal business hours at 404-687-3700 for assistance or send an email to with a description of the location. An example of a description would show as follows: if you are facing the property, the violation address is 2 houses to the left of 123 Main Street, Decatur, GA 30032.

Permit & License Application

The Community Development and Regulation (CDR) portal allows you to apply for permits, licenses, and planning applications, to schedule and cancel inspections, pay fees, and review the status of submitted permits, licenses, and planning applications.